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Wednesday, 27 June 2012
8:00 AM GMT

Conor Harrington talks to Maxi Browne of the Browne Brothers about their ‘Rowdy’ residency at Massimo in Galway’s West End

Tell us about ‘Rowdy’. What kind of music can people expect to hear?

You will hear the besht of music, stuff that will keep you dancing all night. From motown to disco, the great bits of 70s and 80s, classic soul to indie anthems with a few guilty pleasures thrown in. We're like a good fry up: there's sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, white pudding, black pudding, fried schpuds, toast, a cup of tae... Marmalade on toast we are not.

What are your ‘guilty pleasures’ and how guilty are you really?

My guilty pleasure will always be Galway's west end. As much as Massimo will always be my wife, The Blue Note and The Bierhaus are my hot little bits on the side. It’s an open relationship where everybody gets on and bigamy is all the rage. Guilty as charged your honour!

You play a lot of retro music. Is there any current music that excites you these days?

Lady Gaga and The Disconauts but not at the same time! Although…

Where does the name come from? Are you rowdy by name, rowdy by nature?

I sure am. You can't learn to be rowdy or buy rowdy in a bottle, you just are rowdy. It's both a blessing and a curse.

Do you ever disagree over which tunes to play? Who’d win in a fight between the two of you?

We try not to disagree. One time we argued, I sulked, we wrestled, I cried, he rubbed baby oil on my back, we wrestled and then we stopped because we remembered we were brothers.

What’s the worst song each of you think the other plays?

The besht of music has no worst song!

Do you prefer vinyl or digital?

I'm a big fan of vinyl and especially liked his work in the Commodores. ‘All night long’ is always a dance floor filler and ‘Hello’ really brings my feminine side rushing to the surface. I'm not familiar with digital but will be sure to keep an eye out for him. Does he rap?

What was the first album both of you got?

At school I was a bit of an auld schquare, Excelling in all subjects but no friends. Mother was concerned and bought me a copy of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’. I was expelled the next day.

Your bio says you’re the love child of a farmer’s wife and various members of UB40. If that was the case, which UB40 member do you think spawned who and why?

There was a lot of talk about it being trumpet player Astro due to us both having strong west Indian features. Sadly, me and Mammy never received a penny in royalties, despite him having so much success with the reggae reggae sauce.

You played Body and Soul last week. How did that go for you?

I had to cancel our Body and Soul set to play in the west end of Galway. I'm pure loyal like that!

Do you work on any of your own original mixes? If not, any plans to?

No and no!

Your Facebook page often promises slightly, eh, lurid public displays. Should the faint-hearted steer clear of Massimo on a Friday?

There's nothing lurid about having a good time! What goes on in Massimo stays in Massimo. The craic is always 90. People with pacemakers and those wearing corduroy should probably give Rowdy a miss though.

What’s next for the Browne Brothers?

The shift? Prison? Not necessarily in that order!

The Browne Brothers play Massimo this Friday, 29 June at 10.30pm and every second Friday. Check out for more information.

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